• Buy Sarm fitness sarms GW501516 powder
  • Buy Sarm fitness sarms GW501516 powder
  • Buy Sarm fitness sarms GW501516 powder
  • Buy Sarm fitness sarms GW501516 powder

Buy Sarm fitness sarms GW501516 powder

GW501516, also known as GW-1516 or Cardarine and Endurobol, is a peroxisome proliferator activated receptor delta (PPAR-delta) agonist. The activation of receptors will increase fat burning ability and muscle production, because it will change the body's
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Buy Sarm fitness sarms GW501516 powder

White fine powdery crude protein Cardarine GW501516 is used as an agonist of PPARδ. It was found that GW501516 can increase the expression of ABCA1 and the outflow of apoA1 specific cholesterol. In a human metabolic disease model, GW501516 increased the level of HDLc and decreased fasting triglycerides. Compared with other subtypes, GW501516 is more than 1000 times more selective for PPARδ. PPARδ is expressed in many tissues that contribute to cholesterol flux and is the RXR of the companion.
His main function as follows:
1. Convert calories directly into muscle without affecting the body's own fat content.
2. It is used for the treatment of osteoporosis and bone mineral density, helping to recover from bone injury.
3. GW501516 can also improve sleep quality, improve skin tone, increase energy levels, increase nitrogen storage, increase strength and enhance perception, and improve the immune system.
Item Name GW501516 sarms powder
CAS No. 317318-70-0
Package Pack by foil bag
Purity 99% min
Molecular Formula C21H18F3NO3S2
Storage Temperature 20-23℃
Function Bodybuilding, weight loss
Appearance White fine powder
Certification COA, HPLC, GMP
Shelf life 2 years
Shipping 5-10 days by DHL/FEDEX/USPS etc.
Delivery service We will delivery the package to our customers by the best shipping way and provide re-ship service if package seized by custom

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