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The details of recruit partners

Sales Cooperation Agreement

This is an agreement made for our customer referrer from USA, to enlarge our market and sales, also to bring good to referrers.

We will have reward for the referrers who offer us other customers information in their local market, including distributor, wholesaler and retailer for peptide products.

Below are the details:
  1. Customer information collection:
  1. Name, phone number/Whatsapp, address
  2. Basic information of the customer, such as purchasing items, amount, etc.
Note: the customer information need to be real and effective.
  1. Reward: each customer information is in return with 2 vials HGH to the referrer.
  1. To the introduced customer, if we have a deal successfully, rewarding to referrer as below:
(Take HGH as example)
Purchasing quantity(Box) Commission
1-10 US$5 per box
11-20 US$4.5 per box+US$5
21-50 US$4 per box+US$10
50-100 US$3 per box+US$50
100+ US$2 per box+US$100

All deal can be showed to referrer as proof, including order screenshot, selling price, total amount, payment slip, tracking number and receipt signature.
The commission can be pay by money transfer or equivalent convert to any of our products.
If the customer keep reordering, the referrer can keep getting commission.

(Please contact us to know more details !!!)